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We aim to promote and protect our breeds and equip them for life
in today's world, while still respecting their ancient lineage
Here you will find information about the Petit and Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen, the history of both breeds, their health, our UK club and activities.
  1. Like to Join Us?
    You can download a Membership Application Form here. Or contact our Membership Secretary, Susan Brundle on 01243 553722, e-mail sue.bgv@btinternet.com
  2. Any Questions
    If you have a question about the breed or the club, contact the Secretary, Linda Skerritt on 01375 673922, monkhams@aol.com. Alternatively, click on the link below to find the most suitable committee member, who will be pleased to help.
  3. Breed Health
    BGVs stem from long-established rustic stock, bred for work. Overall they are healthy hounds with few problems. However that is not to say they do not exist. The Health section gives information.
  4. Need Help............?
    ..........with Rescue or Rehoming? We understand that sometimes circumstances change and you find you can no longer keep your BGV. If so, we are here to help you. Go to the Wefare & Rescue page. We also welcome your interest in rehoming.
Membership Application Form
BGV Health
Welfare & Rescue
~ ​News ​​
Continuing the tradition  ..........................................

​In our lifetime dog folk have always had a choice of two newspapers containing news on all aspects of the canine world.  Weekly breed notes are an important  feature, giving up to date information on your chosen breed and, over time, these combine to build a vital historical record.  However, on 13 June 2017 one of the papers, Dog World - which first appeared on 21 February 1902 under the title of Illustrated Kennel News - went into administration. 

As one door closes, another opens.  For the time being, to continue the tradition of providing news of our breeds, you will now be able to read weekly notes on this website. 

Dates for fun days, walks and next seminar/assessment

​WHEREVER YOU LIVE check the Diary page as BGV Club gatherings are taking place at various locations during the year!  

​18 November 2017       BGV Club Championship Show


BGV(G) Stakes – Mrs Rachel Wray (Perrault)
BGV(P) Stakes – Mr Mike Caple (Morsefield)


​Past News

​12 May 2017 Celebration of the life of the late Yvonne Dean,
                               BGV Club President

Following a private funeral service for family only on Thursday 11 May, all friends joined together on 12 May at Clayton Wood Natural Burial Ground, West Sussex to celebrate her life.  In memory of Yvonne, following her wishes, the Club will be making a donation to the British Sjögren's Syndrome Association (autoimmune rheumatic disease).

​6 May 2017     The National Pet Show, ExCeL, London

Helping the BGV Club promote BGVs at the National Pet Show had an added bonus for GBGV owner, Sue Marshall, who met Channel 4's Supervet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick.
28 January 2017    BGV Club honours Prof Peter Bedford.

AT AN EYE TESTING SESSION in Essex on 28 January, Club Chairman Paul Osbourne and Secretary Linda Skerritt presented Prof Peter Bedford with a plaque to thank him for his unswerving work over the years in eye testing PBGVs with the primary aim of early detection of POAG.
   Prof Bedford subsequently wrote "​Please thank the club members for the magnificent plaque that I received on Saturday.  It really was a complete surprise but all I can say is that the work I did needed and got really excellent cooperation from your members and, without that, we would still be struggling to find a DNA test.  For me it was 18 years of meeting nice people with nice dogs, with the reward being the eventual eradication of POAG from your breed".
UK Results of 2016 Health Survey
The BGV Club committee thanks all those who took the time to complete the 2016 Health Survey.  Valuable information was received on ​275 UK registered BGVs. 

This will help the BGV Club Health Sub-Committee gain a balanced overall view of breed health, whether any problems are on the increase and, in turn, whether research is needed to investigate in any particular area. 
BGV Health Survey Results 2016 - UK

20 August 2017 - Points forms for ch and open show wins 2017 - Membership, VOICE and LOD
16 August 2017 - Scottish Fun Day photos - Fun Days and Walks
8 August 2017 - Seminar/Assessment Booking Form - Diary page
31 July 2017 - PBGV DNA testing results, July - Health / Eyes
26 June 2017 - New page - Breed Notes www.bgvclub.co.uk/breed-notes
Club Championship Show and entry form now available on-line
14 May 2017 - Criteria for A list GBGV judges (KC advice) - www.bgvclub.co.uk/criteria
7 April 2017 - Club Rules revised  (AGM membership and KC approval)
-  www.bgvclub.co.uk/club-rules-ethics  
2 April 2017 - Photos needed for 2018 Club calendar - www.bgvclub.co.uk/club-calendar