With all living beings, whether human or canine, health issues and illnesses can occur.  BGVs come from long established rustic stock, bred for work, therefore overall they are robust and healthy hounds with few problems.  However this is not to say they do not exist.  As with any breed (or even cross-breeds) some health issues have arisen. 
The BGV Club has a Health Sub-Committee which takes breed health extremely seriously and works hard on your behalf.  The Sub-Committee reports directly to the main Committee and, if there is evidence of any growing health problem in the breed, immediate action is taken to investigate.  In conjunction with the Animal Health Trust, known problems are also researched thoroughly and attempts made to eradicate them from the breed.

Mr Gavin Robertson

Mr Peter Marks

Mrs Vivien Phillips

Health Sub-Committee member 
Tel 01491 836103

Health Officer - Seizuring / Epilepsy
Tel 01235 530287
Health Officer - Eyes
Tel 01442 851225

WE WILL HELP YOU  ......       

If you have any concerns about your BGV's well-being which appears to be related to any of the known health problems in the breed, let us know.  We are here to support you.