BGV Appreciation​​
​​What is BGV Appreciation?

With the advent of the Kennel Club Judges Competency Framework, the face of education and assessment procedures for UK judges is changing.  BGVA aspires to provide home study modules in Basset Griffon Vendéen breed education, not only for judges but for anyone keen to learn more about the breed.

These are designed to help you learn about many aspects of the breed, not just the historical side but primarily about owning, caring for and judging BGVs. In time, hopefully there will also be advice on breeding. 

The concept of BGV Appreciation is similar to correspondence courses, where BGV breeders, owners, exhibitors and judges can read through modules at their own pace at home. These modules are there all year round. For prospective judges - while there is no substitute for going over live examples of the breed and listening to breed experts, this means no more waiting to attend a seminar!
How BGV Appreciation will help me?
The BGV Club has always mounted regular educational seminars and assessments as part of an ongoing commitment to train new judges and help anyone interested in the breed. The introduction of the Kennel Club Judges Competency Framework has given the impetus to extend this by providing on-going, year round education.  In time this will hopefully be followed up, where appropriate, by completion of questions at home.  Meanwhile seminars – or Breed Appreciation Days - will continue to include that all important one-to-one discussion and hands-on practice with live exhibits and instilling the striking differences between the Petit and Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen. Importantly, evaluation of examples of the breed will provide that essential component of “How does what I am learning help me in judging the breed?” or “How does what I’m learning apply to my own BGVs?”​​
How is BGVA set up and which modules should I read?
 BGVA is divided into various modules: Member/Owner Education, Public Education and Judges’ Education.  At the moment it also includes a list of planned modules yet to be produced.​​  Some may already appear in other parts of the website - but BGV Appreciation brings it all together on one page.​​
Will there be BGV Appreciation Modules for both Petits and Grands?
Yes!  However it is early days yet with much work to be done in preparation.
How are the modules in BGV Appreciation designed?
BGV Appreciation is evolving.  At the moment modules are designed to be simple and helpful reading about the breed.  In time, some may incorporate exercises with easy to answer formats such as true or false, multiple choice or fill in the blanks. An option may be planned for breeders, owners and judges to send their completed exercises to the nominated BGV Club “Breed Education Co-ordinator” to be marked and reviewed.  

Certificates of Completion 
While results of completed module questions will give you an idea of knowledge base and your efforts will be recorded, it is likely that certificates will be reserved for those who actually attend a Breed Appreciation Day and successfully complete a multi-choice paper on the day.
PBGV Appreciation Modules
GBGV Appreciation Modules