Whatever type of BGV you own, that little puppy you brought home won't stay looking tidy.  His coat will grow, get grubby and matted, ears will need cleaning and nails will need clipping.  You need to do some work to keep your BGV looking its best.
For basic grooming, the most useful items are:  
*  A curved slicker brush
*  A multi-blade stripping comb
*  Comb
*  Stripping knife - or pumice stone
*  Serrated scissors
*  Sharp scissors
*  Nail clippers
*  Surgical clamp scissors
*  Tooth cleaner
*  Cotton wool pads and ear cleaner
A few other grooming tools are useful but not essential.
The downloads here give you basic tips on simple grooming and will help you learn how to groom your own BGV with confidence.  Your efforts will be rewarded and help ensure good ear hygiene, keep nails nice and short and prevent undue matting.  You will have a healthy, happy BGV, one that feels and looks good!
For more detailed information on how to groom your PBGV, go to Module #301of PBGV Appreciation.
Coming soon, the GBGV Module but, until then, to groom your GBGV the PBGV Module gives good guidance.