For many, many years all those interested in judging a breed have been used to going to a seminar and then taking an assesment to demonstrate they have understood and learned enough to apply to go onto a judging list.  From then on, along with requirements to attend certain Kennel Club seminars and steward, numbers of classes and dogs judged have helped them progress up the judging ladder, from the C, to B, to A list, when finally able to award Challenge Certificates.

From 2019 though things are set to change when the Kennel Club Judges Competency Framework will be launched.  This will run alongside the current system for a five-year transition period and be fully operational by 2024.

The new Framework will provide a logical sequence of learning, practising, peer observation and examination and will cater for all judges at every level – it outlines a judge’s career path providing clear criteria for each stage.  Each level will also confirm judging privileges, again making it clear to the judge and the show society who is eligible to judge which breed, and the number and type of classes which may be judged.  To see a rough guide of how the new Levels of the Judges Competency Framework equate to the current breed club judging lists go to 

For a complete package of information to help you when learning about BGVs, go to 
JCF and Transition Timetable
Breed Appreciation
And for all quesions concerning progressing via the Judges Competency Framework, contact
the Club's Breed Education Co-ordinator
Claire Cooper
07855 255287 or clairecooper81@hotmail.co.uk​